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  • Aunti Em’s Kitchen Flour Sack Dish Towels – Natural Cotton for Embroidery and Drying Glass, Hand, Dinnerware – Plain, Thick, Zero-Lint – Highly Absorbent – Set of 13, 27 x 27 Inch, White

Aunti Em’s Kitchen Flour Sack Dish Towels – Natural Cotton for Embroidery and Drying Glass, Hand, Dinnerware – Plain, Thick, Zero-Lint – Highly Absorbent – Set of 13, 27 x 27 Inch, White


  • 100% Pure All-natural Ring-spun Cotton
  • ✅ POWERHOUSE DISH CLOTH – Each dish towel is woven using a state-of-the-art Air Jet Loom, which lets us use better fabric with a tighter weave, satisfying heft, softer texture, and brighter finish.
  • ✅ NATURAL & SUSTAINABLE – These 100% all-natural ring-spun cotton towels present unbeatable value in reusability. The towels are made for wiping and toweling just about everything in your kitchen.
  • ✅ A JOY TO EMBROIDER – The tightly woven fabric allows the needles to thread through like butter, while still retaining the towel’s shape. Perfect for detailed embroidery projects and designs.
  • ✅ REINFORCED & ULTRA-ABSORBENT – Our flour sacks are hemmed on all four sides–no unruly threads from edge to edge. It offers over 5 square feet of thirsty towel space to dry numerous kitchenware.
  • ✅ BUILT FOR THE KITCHEN & CRAFTS – These towels can be used to clean glass windows and cars, as well as blank material for your art, vinyl printing, decals, monogram, crafting, and dye projects.


There’s nothing more frustrating than spending hours cooking a meal and washing dishes only to end the day picking lint off glassware. Kitchen towels shouldn’t be complicated. However, cheap, poor options are plentiful; many of us find ourselves scrubbing and drying with towels that barely hold together after a few swipes. After half the day in the kitchen, the last thing you need is a towel that holds water like sand through your fingers.

The Kitchen Flour Sack Dish Towels by Auntie Em’s absorbs all your drying challenges with tough yet velvet soft towels!


At Auntie Em’s, air-jet looms enable us to use premium fabric that gives our towels a tighter weave, satin-soft feel, and the most exquisite finish you won’t find from manual or power loom-woven towels made with cheaper cotton.

But don’t let this finely woven towel’s soft feel fool you. It’s built durable and can withstand the tugging, yanking, and wiping of even the busiest restaurants. You’ll never see any loose, discolored, or unruly threads.


Enjoy the nostalgic feel and quality of the flour sack towels of your youth. Instantly elevate your kitchen and dining room’s retro vibes by hanging these cloths.

Unlike many modern washcloths, ours boast an authentic and sturdier construction. They’re easily thicker and more absorbent than mass-produced, generic towels. A touch of the past comes to meet the demands of today’s kitchen.


Instead of using loosely woven fabrics, why not opt for thicker alternatives when sewing artistic embroidery? These vintage flour sacks are woven to accommodate even the most intricate patterns.

Our weave will not pull or gather and provides a crisp, even finish that can support even the most ambitious embroidery projects. Never let thin, flimsy cloths hold back your creativity again.


Dry twice as much kitchenware in half the time with our super-absorbent, lint-free towels. The thick cotton is built to soak up considerable amounts of liquid, so you no longer have to wipe and wring towels repeatedly. It is also generously sized at 27”x 27”, so you can cover more area with fewer wipes. Best of all, they leave no fibers behind! Spend more time for yourself and your family, and less time picking lint off plates.


Each flour sack is a blank canvas waiting for your next masterpiece. The fabric’s plush softness and tight-fitting threads make them highly suitable for printing designs, logos, text, and caricatures.

Print your vinyl, decals, or be playful and create tie-dye designs with our flour sack–the limit is your imagination! This versatile fabric is built strong for the kitchen and for crafting, unlike thin manually woven and ring-spun towels.


Aside from their ultra-absorbent wiping properties, our towels can be used to cover bread baskets, prepare hot food, and strain foods more effectively than cheesecloth. You can dry your hands after washing and scrub any surface without a single thread pulling loose!

Vintage flour sack towels from Aunti Em’s Kitchen are the most versatile and useful kitchen dish towels you can get!