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reuben sandwich

Love Reuben Sandwich? You Have to Try These 3 Lovely Recipes

We asked our community about their favourite sandwiches, and Reuben Sandwich is one of the varieties that came up on top! There are varying accounts as to the possible origin of this American classic, but one thing's for sure - no foodie could resist that glorious combination of corned beef, cheese, sauerkraut and dressing grilled between slices of bread.

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key lime pie in a jar

3 Pie in a Jar Ideas – Perfect Picnic Dessert!

With the abundance of lovely ripe fruits in season, many pies are at their best during summer. Think it's a hassle to bring pies to a picnic? Think again! With pies in a jar recipes, packing, eating and cleaning up will be a breeze.

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beef stroganoff

3 Delicious Recipes that Use Leftover Steak

You can never cook too much steak. Don't be afraid of having leftover steak from a big dinner the night before - there's a lot you can do with it and each dish promises a whole new flavorful steak experience!

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sirloin steak

3 Easy Steak Recipes: Expensive Restaurant Taste Right in Your Own Kitchen!

Steaks can be super expensive in fancy restaurants. What a lot of foodies don't realize is that making steaks right in one's own kitchen isn't as hard as it sounds. With fresh meat and the right ingredients, you can make a batch of delicious and juicy steaks for cheap!

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fruit salad

3 Healthy Fruit Salad Recipes You Could Make for Mother’s Day

Healthy fruit salads are a great way to end a meal or to fill the tummy with a light snack in the afternoon. Keep your fruit salad healthy by staying away from canned fruit cocktail and opting for chunks of fresh fruits.

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homemade salsa recipe

3 Classic Salsa Recipes You Can Make for Mother’s Day

Some people might think that salsa is simply a tomato dip that you eat with chips. But an actual foodie will know that salsa is gold in the kitchen! Its tangy and exciting flavors can wake up the taste profile of eggs, grilled veggies, fish and poultry, burritos or tacos, and even beans!

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pull apart garlic bread

3 Simple Garlic Bread Pull-Apart Recipes Way Better Than Store-Bought

Though garlic bread is a comforting accompaniment to many rich dishes like pasta, roasted meat and stews, a good garlic bread is great to eat in itself - a simple snack that celebrates the delicious flavour of garlic mingling with butter and (sometimes) cheese.

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Trouble Sleeping? These 3 Easy Midnight Snacks Will Help You Get Zzzz in No Time

If you're fond of midnight snacking, you might as well use it to get quality sleep and help your body recharge for a new day. Delicious sleep-inducing snacks will surely help you get some zzz's in no time and have sweet dreams while at it.

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apple cranberry tea

3 Relaxing Hot Tea Recipes to End a Stressful Day [Easy Recipes]

It's amazing how a cup of comforting hot tea can put a sweet end to a stressful and tiring day. Make tea time a lot more fun by taking a break from your usual hot water and tea bag routine. There are a lot of homemade hot tea recipes that taste luxurious and are fairly easy to make.

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broccoli cauliflower detox salad

3 Post-Holiday Detox Salads: Lose Those Extra Pounds!

A healthy salad is the go-to meal for anyone who's trying to detox and lose post-holiday pounds. Thankfully, there are many salad recipes that are not only rich in fibre, but are also very delicious - you wouldn't feel like you're detoxing at all!

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