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One of the best Family Days you could have is Baking with Your Kids! My children love double chocolate chip cookies. And what better way to have it whenever they want it than by baking the cookies themselves!

Baking with very young children will be messy. But the joy derived from this family tradition outweighs the pain of cleaning up.


Baking is also a creative and fun way to develop our children's basic skills.

Ezekiel was six years old when he started reading recipes. It enhanced his reading, comprehension and vocabulary skills. He also learned the mathematical concepts of weight and volume by measuring ingredients.

learning the fun way

Gabriel was four years old then. He practiced his motor skills by pouring the ingredients into the mixing bowl. He's careful to do this without spilling. And he would have fun stirring, and then licking the beater, his favorite part of baking!

Niel at nine years old was the project manager. He saw to it that they follow the recipe with correct measurements. He's in charge of setting the oven temperature. And keeps time to ensure the cookies would turn out as they expected them to be.

managing the fun way

All these activities taught them the virtue of patience. They would wait for the cookie dough to bake. And savor the delicious aroma that fills the kitchen. After that, they would drool for a few more minutes. They would watch those mouth-watering cookies cool on the rack. They know that a little more time and they would sink their teeth in them.

And what joy to behold their happy faces as they munch on the fruits of their own labor!

Altogether, they learned the value of teamwork and having fun while working.

Children get excited when they are given responsibilities appropriate to their age.

Do not worry too much about the mess, enjoy and maintain a good sense of humor between beating and baking.

I used to spread newspapers on the table to catch all those bits and spills. This way, cleaning will be a breeze. I will wrap them all together afterward.

Most important of all, teach your children about safety in the kitchen. They will always be playful. So, be creative in teaching them the use of oven gloves and handling hot baking trays.

It's so nice to look back at old photographs, now that my children have grown. We always reminisce those times when we baked their favorite comfort food together.

I'm glad we invested a great deal of time (and fought for it tooth and nail) to build lasting and fun-filled memories. These special moments are the treasures that strengthen our family.

Have fun baking with your kids! Remember, it's ok to make a mess! 😉

Here's a recipe of their favourite Double Chocolate Chip Cookies.

double chocolate chip cookies

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