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I am surrounded by four loving, thoughtful, happy and sweet towering gentlemen!


My husband, Boy is very careful not to hurt my feelings.  A blessed peacemaker, he is always humble to make peace whenever we have an argument by being the first to apologize even when he is not sure what wrong he has done that made me upset.

His most endearing quality is he is overly protective of me and our children.

He is very mindful of my physical and emotional well-being.  He does not let me do any heavy work at home, nor does he leave me to carry any weightly things.

He always holds my hand whenever we are walking outside, or sitting in front of the tv or in the train.

Our young observant angels Nathaniel, Ezekiel & Gabriel, having been raised in a home full of love and happiness,  quickly picked up this virtue of thoughtful loving & caring from their dad.

Each of them display this trait to one another, and even to me and their dad every now and then.

I saw this in Niel's and Ezekiel's instagram post on Gabriel's 14th birthday. 

niel & gabs
ez & gabs

Action speaks louder than words.  Children are very attentive and they learn a great deal from our own conduct and behavior.  The way we communicate and the many silent ways we deal with each other while we perform our duties at home speak volumes to them.

When Niel, Ez and Gab see how their dad and I care for each other,  it sure warms their hearts and they feel a sense of security.

They feel more peace at home when they see that their parents have a happy marriage. We have to lead by good example in building a peaceful home and society.

These simple gestures of loving and caring make our home an oasis where we can simply be ourselves, resting in God's loving presence with one another.

Let me share with you our Family Vision and Mission in this Family Prayer that we pray every night before we go to bed eversince our children were very young.

family prayer

Truly, God answers our prayers!  The Holy Spirit continuously guides and prompts Boy and me, and our children to be loving, forgiving, helpful, Godly, and deeply rooted to this family that He gave to us.  Our family becomes a testimony for Him, a Godly family that bears witness of what it means to know God.

May God bless your family to be his living testimony!

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